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Sodium Trimetaphosphate(STMP)

Synonyms: STMP
Formula: (NaPO3)3 
Molecular: 367.86
CAS #: 7785-84-4
EC #: 232-088-3
Appearance: White Crystal or Powder
Specifications: Food Grade FCC VIII
Assay: 68.0-70.0% 
Arsenic (As): 3mg/kg Max
Fluoride: 0.003% Max  
Insoluble substances: 0.1% Max
Lead (pb):4mg/kg Max
Indetification: to pass test.
Specifications: Industrial Grade 
Assay: 68.0-70.0% 
Insoluble substances: 0.5% Max
Sodium trimetaphosphate is used as a crosslinking agent in the cross-linked amylase-resistant starch. It acts as an intermediate in food industries. Further, it serves as a corrosion inhibitors, anti-scaling agents, fillers, finishing agents, plating agents and surface treating agents.
Sodium Trimetaphosphate  is a Sodium Phosphate salt (NaPO3)3, that when added to gypsum can help to optimize the setting time while enhancing the structural integrity of the wallboard.  STMP is an important additive in the production of high throughput and high quality wallboard for use by businesses and individuals in the construction and home remodeling industry.
25kgs net paper bags,or 1000kgs bulk packing.
MSDS and TDS available on request

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