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Welcome to AisonsChem

More than 20 years of experience in Chemical Industry
AisonsChem is a member of Acroyali Holdings company dedicated to delivering food and chemical solutions to delight our customers while creating value for all stakeholders.We are working on constant optimization of our quality management in order to reach the highest possible level of satisfaction for our esteemed customers.

Our export office is situated in Qingdao, where we also have our manufacturing site, which has processes governed by our HACCP and BRC accreditation. The factory is around 40KM far away from Qingdao international airport, and 35KM far away from Qingdao Port. Our Qingdao facility produces peanut butter, fruits filling and topping,canned fruits etc for our worldwide customers.

Our main products are Calcium Nitrite, Sodium Gluconate, Agar-Agar,Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan,Sodium Alginate,Propylene Glycol Alginate(PGA),Pectin,Sodium Trimetaphosphate, Magnesium sulfate, sucralose,HFCs,etc.

We welcome you to read on and learn more about Aisonschem.

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