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Maltitol is a refined disaccharide alcohol, it is made from starch through the process of hydrolysis and hydrogenation. It is a colorless, transparent, viscid thick liquid with neutral reaction; it is easily soluble in water; its sweetness is slightly lower than that of sucrose; the sweetness gives a gentle and pleasant sensation; it has the characters of low-calorie, good heat-resistance, acid-resistance, unfermentable and stable humidity etc.; it will not cause the blood glucose level to rise in human body. It is a new function sweetener widely used in food, medicine and healthy food industries.
Function and Application:
Unfermentable:  Most bacteria in oral cavity can not utilize maltitol for fermentation to yield acid, so it has the function for tooth-decay prevention, as the sweetener it is used for sugar- free candies, sugar- free chewing gum and other food, it can prolong shelf life food; Used for lactic acid drink, it can make the drink with long existing sweetness.
High Viscosity:  As the thickener and sweetener, it is used for syrup, fruit wine, catsup and other drinks.
Stable humidity and anti-crystalization: Compared with glycerin and sorbitol, its absorption and releasing of moisture is more stable, this character can adjust the moisture in food to prevent quick drying or frost in refrigerator, so it is used for candies, cakes, bread and other foods.
Good Stability and Low-calorie:It has high heat resistance when heating with amino acid and protein together, it will not cause the Maillard reaction; it is also stable to acid.It basically can not be utilized in metabolism of human body, will not cause the blood glucoselevel to rise, so it is used forthe sugar-free foods specially suitable for diabetic patients and for the people to control weight of body.
Good  sweetener: As a function sweetener and food additives.it is getting more widely used for healthy foods, dink and medicine syrup etc.
Maltitol Powder
Appearance: white crystalline powder ,odorless,sweet taste.
Melting Point: 140-151 Deg.C
Specific Rotation:+105.5~+108.5Deg.C 
Reducing on Ignition::0.1%Max
Reducing Sugar:0.15%Max. 
Ph(20% water solution):4.0-8.0
Sulfate:50PPM Max
Chloride:50PPM Max 
As:1PPM Max
Pb:1PPM Max
Nickel:1PPM Max
Total plate count:1000cfu/g Max
E.Coli:30cfu/g Max.
Mould and Yeast:100cfu/g Max 
Pathogen: negative
Packed in 25kgs plastic woven bags.
Maltitol Syrup
Maltitol syrup is made from maltitol, a sugar alcohol or polyol used in low-carbohydrate, sugar-free products such as diet snacks, nutrition bars and candy. Like most sugar alternatives and low-carbohydrate sweeteners, maltitol has only a fraction of the carbohydrates in real sugar, but it is sweet enough to produce the equivalent taste in the products it is used in. Unlike real sugar, it does not contribute to tooth decay. As with all other food and cooking additives, though, studies show positive and negative aspects of using it.
Registered Index
CAS NO.: 585-88-6 
Formula: C12H24O11
Molecular Weight: 344.32
Appearance: Colourless sticky liquid
Quality Specification 

Solid Substance:   75% min.
Water Content:  25% max
PH in Solution:  5~7.5
Assay(Maltitol): 50% min.
Sorbitol:   8% max.
Reducing Sugars: 0.30% max.
Ash:  0.10% max.
Chloride:  50ppm max.
Sulphate:  100ppm max.
Heavy Metals 10ppm max.
Nickel:  1ppm max.
Lead: 1ppm max
Total plate count::  1000/g max.
E.Coli:  Negative
Salmonella:  Negative

Package:  250kg net drum, 20mt net per 20'FCL without pallet.

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