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Sodium Aluminate

Molecular formula: NaAlO2
Molecular weight :81.97
Characteristics: white powder or colorless, non-sticking , transparent,viscous , and strong alkaline liquid. Melting point: 1800 centigrade degrees. It can hydrolyze easily and separate out precipitate of aluminium hydroxide . In the air, it can absorb carbon dioxide easily.
50% Purity Min Powder
Al2O3: 50%Min
Na2O: 38%Min.
Water Insoluble: 1.0%Max.
Fe: 80PPM Max.
38% Purity Min. Powder
Al2O3: 38%Min
Na2O: 28%Min
Water Insoluble: 1.0%Max
Fe:80PPM Max.
24% Purity Liquid
Al2O3: 24%Min
Na2O: 15%Min
Water Insoluble: 0.5%Max
Fe: 100PPM Max.
20% Purity Liquid
Al2O3: 20% Min
Na2O: 17%Min
Water Insoluble: 0.5%Max.
Fe: 100PPM Max.
Packing : powder: packed in 25kgs plastic woven bags. 20 FT FCL: 20MTS
Liquid: packed in 300kgs(200L) plastic drum (d:60CM, H: 90CM), 20 FT FCL:20MTS.
Uses: it is used as a raw material of catalyst in chemical industry, also ,used as a high effective auxiliary coagulant in treating drink water and industrial water, a corrosion-resisting agent in building industry, a protective agent for the surface of steel and iron. Besides, the product is widely used in other industries, such as paper-making, textile, casting, printing and dyeing, rubber, ceramic, pharmacy, oil field, etc.

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