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Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)

Molecular Formula :(NaPO3)6
Molecular Weight :611.17
CAS No: 10124-56-8
Property: White powder; Density 2.484(20℃); soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvent; It has strong hygroscopic and can absorb humidity from the air to become into pasty form; It may form soluble chelates with ions of Ca, Ba, Mg, Cu, Fe etc. and is a good water treatment chemical.
Technical Grade Specification

Index Spec
Total content of phosphate (calculated by P2O5) 68.0% Min
Content of inactive phosphate (calculated by P2O5) 7.5%Max
Water insoluble matter content 0.04% Max
Iron content (Fe) 0.03%Max
PH value (10g/L) 5.8-7.0
Solubility Qualified
Appearance White powder, granula or flakes

Food Grade Specification: FCC

Index Standard
Appearance white powder
P2O5 68% Min
Inactive phosphates as P2O5 7.5%max
Fe 0.05%max
Water insoluble 0.1%max
PH of 1% solution 3.0-9.0
Loss on ignition  1% max
As 1ppm max
Pb 1ppm max
Heavy Metals as Pb 10ppm max
Cd 1ppm max
Hg 1ppm max
Flurode as F: 10ppm max

For food grade, it is used as an additive, nourishing agent, quality improver, PH regulator, metal ions chelating agent, adhesive and leavening agent etc. Application areas include processed cheese, meat and seafood, vegetables, noodles, cream products as whiteners and dessert gels.
For technical grade, it is used as high efficient additive of water softner and detergent in cooling water treatment in power station, vehicle, boiler and fertilizer plant. As flotation agent in ore dressing industry and as sedative in pharmaceutical. And also used in fabric dyeing, leather, paper-making, soil analysis, radition chemical, analytical chemistry, etc.
25kgs net paper bags,or 1000kgs bulk packing.
MSDS and TDS available on request

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