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Product Description:
Carrageenan is extracted from many species of red seaweeds. The process begins with harvesting, followed by drying, cleaning, bagging or bailing. Once in the factory, the seaweeds are sorted, tested for quality and stored. Before being processed, they are hand-inspected, then washed to remove dirt and marine organisms, and then subjected to hot alkaline extraction. When the carrageenan is dissolved, it is clarified through conventional filtration and is then concentrated by membrane ultrafiltration. The carrageenan is precipitated by alcohol or potassium chloride to separate it from soluble impurities. This is followed by drying and grinding to appropriate particle size. The carrageenan powder is blended and standardized to customer specifications before shipment.
The carrageenan family has three main branches, kappa, iota and lambda, which are well differentiated in terms of their gelling properties and protein reactivity. Kappa carrageenans produce strong rigid gels, while those made with iota products are flaccid and compliant. Although lambda carrageenans do not gel in water, they interact strongly with proteins to stabilize a wide range of dairy products.
Carrageenan is a highly versatile ingredient suitable for use in food and nonfood products. As convenience food and household products proliferate, so do markets for carrageenan. Here is just a sampling of established applications and functionalities.
Processed Meat, Poultry and Seafood
Water binding, increased product yields, improved texture, fat replacement, meat/seafood analog binding.
Dairy Products (chocolate milk, frozen desserts, UHT milks, flans, puddings, low fat cheese, cheese analogs) 
Provides cocoa suspension, milk stability, emulsion stability, milk gelling. 
Cold Milk Powders (diet powder mixes, nutritional beverage mixes)
Provides body and mouthfeel, suspends solids. 
Water Gel Desserts
Provides wide range of textures and flavor release, all without the need for refrigeration. 
Provides structure without masking flavors, resistant to enzymatic breakdown. 
Pet Foods
Binds water, provides structure and prevents fat separation in canned, retorted products. 
Controlled Release Products (air freshener gels)
Provides structure and controlled release of active ingredients such as perfume in a water-gel base. 
Carrageenan Refined E407
General: carrageenans refined are quality fine powders manufactured from natural strains of red seaweeds of the Rhodophyceae family.
Application: carrageenan refined are suitable for use in a range of food applications where gelling, thickening and stabilising is required.
Physical and Functional Properties
Appearance: Fine, free flowing, off-white to cream powder
Moisture: Not greater than 12.0%
Colour: Conforms to standard
Solubility: Soluble in hot water
Viscosity: At least 5cps 1.5% @ 75C, by Brookfield LVT
PH of solution: 7.0 to 10.0
Particle Size : 120mesh or 160mesh.
Chemical Purity
Sulphate: 15% to 40%, on dry weight basis, as SO4
Alcohol:Not greater than 0.1%
Ash : 15% to 40%, on dry weight basis, at 550C
Acid-insoluble Ash: Not greater than 1%, on dry weight basis
Acid-insoluble Matter: Not greater than 2%, on dry weight basis
Arsenic: Not greater than 3 ppm
Lead: Not greater than 5 ppm
Mercury: Not greater than 1 ppm
Cadmium: Not greater than 1 ppm
Heavy metals (as Pb): Not greater than 20 ppm
Microbial Purity
Total Viable Count: Not greater than 5,000 cfu/g
Total Yeast and Mould Count: Not greater than 300 cfu/g
E coli: Negative in 5g
Salmonella: Negative in 25g
Staph aureus: Negative in 10g
Total Enterobacteriaceae Count: Not greater than 100 cfu/g
Carrageenan semi-refined E407a 
General: Pure Semi refined Kappa carrageenan – Eucheuma cottonii. 
Physical and Functional 
Appearance: Fine, free flowing, white to cream powder
Moisture: Max 12.0% 
Viscosity: At least 5cps 1.5% @ 75°C, by Brookfield LVT 
Purity: Min 98% 
Salts: Max 2% 
Added sugars: None 
PH of solution: 8.0 to 10.0 
Gel Strength: Minimum 400 g/cm2 1.2%, + 0.3% KCl @ 20°C 
Particle Size Distribution 
120mesh: At least 99.00% through 
Chemical Purity 
Nitrate: 30ppm Max 
Nitrite: 3ppm Max 
Arsenic: Not greater than 3 ppm 
Lead: Not greater than 2 ppm 
Mercury: Not greater than 1 ppm 
Cadmium: Not greater than 1 ppm 
Heavy metals (as Pb): Not greater than 20 ppm 
Microbial Purity 
Total Viable Count: Not greater than 5,000 cfu/g 
Total Yeast and Mould Count: Not greater than 300 cfu/g 
E coli: Negative in 5g 
Salmonella: Negative in 25g 
Total Enterobacteriaceae Count: Not greater than 100 cfu/g 
Packaging and Labelling 25kg net multi ply paper sacks with moisture barrier or polythene inner
Carrageenan Coarse For Brewing
Colour : light brown dry granule
Particle sizes: 20-30mesh
Foreign Matter: nil
Kappa Carrageenan activity:80% min
Moisture:12% Max
Ash:20% Max
Viscosity :20-200mPa.s
Gel Strength: 200g/CM2 Min
As: 2PPM Max
PB:10PPM Max
Total Viable Count:50,000cfu/g Max
Yeast and Mould Count: 1000cfu/g Max
Total Enterobacteriaceae:10 cfu/g Max
Escherichia Coli: Absent in 25g
Salmonella: Absent in 25g
Packing: 1kgsx25/carton.

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