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Molecular Formula: C38H60O18
Molecular Weight:804.96
1.100% Natural 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar.Economical to use.
2.sugarless with no calories;will not effect blood sugar levels like sugar does; Recommended for diabetics
3.stability in food-processing:Heat stable to 198 degrees Celsius(392 degrees Fahrenheit );so will not break down at high temperatures like saccrines or aspartame.Highly stable in acid solutions and in the presence of salt.(Stevioside solutions in the PH. range of 3-9 maintained at 100 degree Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit)for 1hr showed no significant loss.) Will not interacted with food components
4.non-fermentable;therefore will not act as a food source for yeast.
5.flavor enhancer;Used with either salt,organic acids or amino-acids,it can blend into a delicious harmony and creat a synergic effect.
6.plaque retardant Anti-caries(prevents cavities).
7.Non-toxic;Extensively tested in animals and Extensively used by humans with no adverse effects.
8.non browing---No maillard reaction occurs when mixed with amino-acids or proteins since stevioside is glycosides rather than saccharides
Stevia sugar is a kind of multi-component product. It's named by its chief component stevioside.
As a new natural sweetening agent, stevia sugar can be widely applied in food, drinks, medicine and daily chemicals. Broadly speaking, stevia sugar can be used to take the place of cane sugar or saccharine in all products using sugar. At present, stevia sugar is mainly used in beverage and food, esp. in beverage. It is also used in tobacco, chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash and pharmaceutical. The amount of stevia sugar substitute for sugar varies with products, which can be determined through repeated trial in order to guarantee the purity, taste and flavor of products.
Stevia Sugar National Standard (GB8270-1999) 98 95 90
Content 85%Min 98%Min 95%Min 90%Min
Sweetness 200Min 300Min 270Min 250Min
Specific optical rotation(a)D25 -30~-38
Specific absorbance E1%1cm 0.08Max
Residue on ignition 0.2%max 0.08%max 0.10%max 0.10%max
Loss on drying 5%Max 3%Max 3%Max 3%Max
Heavy metal (as Pb) 0.001%Max
Arsenic  0.0001%Max

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