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Calium Propionate

Molecular Formula: C6H10O4Ca
Molecular Weight: 186.22
Properties: White crystal, granule or powder, anhydrous or contains a crystalline water, slightly special scent. Easy to deliquesce and can be dissolved in water. Aqueous solution is a little alkaline and PH value of 10% aqueous solution is 7.4, solubility in water is 20Deg.c and 100ml water can dissolve 39.8g this product. Additionally, it isn't dissolved in ethanol.
Application: As preservatives and bactericide, it can resist high temperature and don't decompose. It is widely used in food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry and can be also used in butyl rubber to prevent aging and extend service life. Therefore, it is the ideal mildew inhibitor and preservative. In food industry, it can more effectively extend preserving period of food compared with other preservatives. Moreover, it can be used in bread, cake, jelly, jam, beverage and sauce.
Dosage:Jelly,candied fruit & jam LT 1% ;candy,cheese0.1-0.3%;soy sauce 0.1-0.25%.

Item Specification
Content (on dry basis) 99%Min
PH value of aqueous solution 7-9
Water insoluble substances 0.15%Max.
Moisture 9.5%Max.
Free acid (as CH3CH2COOH) 0.11%Max.
Free alkali (as NaOH) 0.06%Max.
Fluoride (F) 0.003%Max.
Magnesium (as MgO) 0.4%Max.
Arsenic (as As2o3) 0.0002%Max.
Heavy metal (as Pb) 0.001%Max.

Packing: 25kgs plastic woven bags.

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