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Nisin is a polypeptide which is made from Streptococcus lactis. It is a natural, nonpoisonous and effective food antiseptics.
Appearance - Grayish white or yellowish powder
Stability- It is very stable under the condition of the room temperature or under the condition of acid-heating. If heated for 30 minutes at PH2.0/121Deg.C, it is still very stable.
Bacteriostasis- The antimicrobial spectrum of Nisin shows that it can kill or inhibit G+ which can make foods putrefactive, especially to bacterial spore which has tolerance towards pasteurization and Bacillus alcalophilus. Nisin can inhibit some bacteria, such as Clostridium botulinum, Bacillus cereus,Listeria monocytogenes and Bacillus stearoacidophiles and so on.It is useful in 10~50ppm.
Security- Nisin is a polypeptide. It will be broken down into amino acid by proteinase in the digestive system by being eaten.Also, it won’t change the normal bacterial community in intestine or cause drug resistance of using other antibiotic substance. Moreover, it doesn’t appear chiasmatic resistance with other antibiotic substance.The study of microbes toxicity of Nisin shows that it owns high security for having no toxicity or pathogenicity.
Application-widely used in canned foods, meat products, dairy products, phytoprotein products and sealed packing foods with high temperature sterilization treatment.
Operating method- first, make about 5% aqueous solution with sterile water, then add it to foods and mix fully (or use with other antiseptics)
Dosage- Nisin must be less than 0.5g/kg in meat products and dairy products, and less than 0.2g/kg in phytoprotein products.
Titer-1000IU/mg Min
Appearance: light brown powder
PH (10% aqueous solution): 3.10-3.60
As:1PPM Max
Cu:50PPM Max
Zn:25PPM Max
Cu+Zn:50PPM Max
Sodium Chloride:50%Min
Hydrous Potency:1000000IU/G Min
Standard Plate Count:10cfu/g Max
E.Coli In 25g:absent
Salmonella Species:absent
Staphylococcus aureus:absent
Packing:in 500g or 1000g/plastic bottle,10kgs/ctn.

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