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Erythorbic Acid

Molecular formula: C5H7O4-COOH
Molecular weight: 176.13
Properties: it is white or a little yellow crystalline pellet powder,soluble in water and alcohol,melting point: 166~172 centigrade degrees.
Specs: FCC IV
Appearance: whiteor little yellow crystalline pellet powder.
Odor: essentially none
Assay: 99.0~100.5%
Specific rotation: -16.5~ -18.0°
Loss on ignition: 0.3%max
Heavy metals (Pb): 0.0010%max
Lead (Pb): 0.0005%max
As: 0.0003%max
Size: 20mesh residue 2%max.
Uses:important antioxidant in foods,it can keep thecolor of foods,natural flavor of foods and lengthening layin,,but they have not any poison. In food industry they are used in meat products,fruit juice,vegetable,tin and jam,etc. Also it used to drink,such as beer,grape wine,soft drink,fruit tea and fruit juice.
Packed in 25kgs/carton.

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